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drug & alcohol Addiction kills

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Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network is part of the True Help Recovery Network family of services. Our goal is to provide quality drug & alcohol addiction treatment services in the Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California. The road to recovery can be a difficult time, fraught with obstacles, and our goal is to walk this journey with you, arm in arm. Our team of certified True Help Advisors has one purpose—to help unshackle you from the chains of addiction. If you are looking for a drug or alcohol rehab in Southern California, let Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network help you find a treatment program in California that works for you.

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Lake Arrowhead Addiction Treatment Resources

Our Southern California addiction treatment partner programs offer you or your loved-one the opportunity to find treatment that truly fits your needs. As part of the True Help Recovery family of properties you can trust that you will get the help you need without the stress. Our goal is to provide you with quality, evidence-based treatment options that are individualized to your personal needs. Whether you are looking for a gender-specific program or LGBTQ+ specific program, the Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network is here to help. We have programs and facilities throughout Southern California and beyond, giving you the power of choice when seeking treatment. In today’s world it can be overwhelming and highly stressful trying to find a treatment program that works for you. We’ve simplified this process for you. Once you contact Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network you will speak to a certified advisor who understands addiction and the treatment process intimately. Don’t wait another day, addiction won’t. Take action and get the help you need now.

Medical Detox

Many drug users fear the detox process, but it’s essential for individuals who want to get clean and free themselves from the grips of addiction. We work with programs that utilize IMS and MAT as part of their detox process.

Residential Program

In a given year, over 20 million American adults struggle with a substance use disorder, but only a small percentage, 11% will ever seek treatment for addiction. Our residential inpatient treatment programs offer the best chance at recovery.

Aftercare & Beyond

Numbers vary, but according to American Addiction Centers an estimated 144 people die each day from drug overdoses in the United States. Aftercare & continued treatment is vital to long-term recovery.

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The Location

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Southern California has become on of the “recovery capitals” of the United States in recent years thanks to the high number of addiction treatment centers located here. Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network has a number of addiction treatment centers located in Southern California and beyond that provides you with a wide-variety of options when treating substance abuse. If you or a loved one is looking for a substance abuse program in the San Bernardino area or anywhere in California, let Lake Arrowhead Recovery Network help you with our  free service that helps you find the treatment you need.

Paying for rehab

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