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How to Find the Best Drug Rehabs in California Near Me

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Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic, debilitating diseases that affect millions of people across the United States. The impacts of drug and alcohol addiction cause significant damage to the mental and physical health of the addict as well as the relationships they have with the family and friends. Fortunately, there are thousands of treatment facilities throughout the United States, offering various treatment programs. Since the variety of treatment programs is vast, it is essential to choose the right rehab. 

Overcoming Substance Abuse

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab

Choosing the right program will make it significantly more likely that you complete the program successfully, attain sobriety through your treatment, and maintain sobriety after returning home. However, with over 15,000 treatment facilities in the United States alone, it can seem challenging to determine which one is the perfect fit. Considering the tips below may help you narrow down your decision. 

  • Decide what your rehab goals and needs are
  • Consult with a treatment professional
  • Investigate various rehab options and programs
  • Consider other concerns such as levels of care, location, cost and amenities

How to Know What Type of Treatment I Need?

Levels of Care

Drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis treatment centers in California offer different care levels, including outpatient and inpatient treatment options.  To determine the best treatment fit for you, it helps to understand what the levels of care are.

The defining characteristic of inpatient rehab, as opposed to other types of rehab programs, is that the person resides at the treatment facility for treatment duration. Most residential treatment programs vary in duration, with the most common lengths of stay ranging from thirty to ninety days. The length of stay will depend on the individual seeking treatment, the addiction being treated, and the extent and severity of the addiction.

Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive form of substance abuse rehabilitation. Patients live in a treatment facility for an extended period of time, where they have access to specialists, support groups, and medical professionals.

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How long do you need treatment?

Length of Program

How each person responds to treatment will be different, and therefore, no one treatment program duration is suitable for all. As previously mentioned, most treatment programs Range from 30 to 90 days. 

30-Day Programs

60-Day Programs

30-day programs are an excellent start to treatment. Because many do not know how long they will need to stay in treatment to be successful, a 30-day program can provide an idea of whether you should continue into a more extended program. This program’s length offers time to get through acute withdrawal and will allow you to begin working on developing relapse prevention techniques. 30-day programs are the easiest to commit to because they are not only the shortest but also offered at a lower cost that is frequently covered by insurance. 

60-Day Programs

60-day programs have the benefit of added time and support. These slightly longer programs allow time to detox from substances and attend therapy sessions to work through any environmental (family, behavioral, situational, etc.) factors that have led to your addictive behavior. 60-day programs allow you more time to fully detox from drugs or alcohol and begin to actively practice those techniques that will help you to maintain sobriety after treatment. Although insurance may not cover the duration of more extended programs, most treatment facilities offer payment plans that allow participants to pay smaller monthly payments.

90-Day Programs

A 90-day program will allow you to go through all treatment stages with full support from the treatment center staff. These programs are highly beneficial because they allow for more time to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. These longer programs are also highly recommended for those who have severe or long-term addictions or for those who have tried shorter programs before and experienced a relapse.

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Characteristics To Look For in a California Rehab

When searching for a recovery center in California, the options may seem overwhelming. It is essential to remember that not all treatment programs are created equally. Depending on your individual program needs, it is critical to consider several important factors when choosing the program that is right for you.  

For many seeking treatments, cost is the single most significant factor impacting how they choose the right rehab program. The unfortunate truth is that rehab’s cost varies dramatically depending on the facility, life of stay, and the programs the participant participates in. Fortunately, there are many options available to help patients pay for rehab, meaning that more options are available, no matter what your budget is. Another important note is that the long-term financial toll of addiction is far greater than the short-term rehab cost. Some commonly used options to help pay for rehab include self-funding, private health insurance, Medicaid and Medicare, the Affordable Health Care Act, and personal loans. As previously mentioned, many treatment facilities will offer sliding scale payment plans for participants to make treatment more affordable. 

When selecting your drug intervention treatment program in California, it is also essential to consider the treatments offered from facility to facility. There are hundreds of different treatment models and therapy options available to treat drug and alcohol addiction. The benefit of this is that it makes it possible for everyone to find a treatment that works best for them; however, it can also make narrowing down your treatment options difficult, and it can also mean It is possible to choose a rehab where available therapies are not the best fit for you. Be sure to consider the types of psychotherapy offered, if there is medication-assisted withdrawal, and what kinds of alternative therapies are available when selecting a treatment program.

The range of amenities available drug and alcohol treatment centers may be one of the biggest and most apparent differentiators between facilities. Some rehabs provide a standard of living that rivals or exceeds five-star hotels, whereas others have extremely basic but fully 

functional facilities designed to help their patients adequately. If there are specific amenities that you must have, be sure to do your research accordingly before selecting a facility as again, not every treatment center offers the same options. 

What to Expect from Top Rehab Centers in California

Acknowledging your addiction and choosing to seek treatment is the most critical first step toward recovery. Many people worry about how the addiction rehab process will affect their lives and wonder what rehab is like. At the top rehab centers in California, programs are designed to be flexible in their treatment offerings. Since addiction looks different from person to person, treatments are tailored to meet the individual’s needs. However, one common element is that treatment often involves some combination of detox, group, and individual substance use therapy, relapse prevention education, and detailed after planning.

Benefits of Going to Rehab in California

In recent years, the number of treatment facilities throughout the United States has continued to grow. The increase in addiction awareness has been highly beneficial for enhancing the ease those who need addiction treatment can find a program that suits their needs. Whether you call California home or travel for rehab, there are several benefits to seeking rehab in California.

An Escape from Your Old Life

Although it is indeed challenging to spend time away from your family, job, or what feels “normal,” escaping normal may be the best step towards recovery. For many struggling with substance abuse disorders, their day-to-day environment is a strong contributor to their addictive behavior. Taking time away from this environment to focus on your health, sobriety, and recovery often enhances your chances of treatment success.

best drug rehab in california
best drug rehabs in california

The Weather and Culture

It can be hard to ignore that California’s weather and culture are some of the best available. Seeking treatment in one of the many luxury treatment facilities throughout California allows you to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of treatment facilities set amidst the mountains or overlooking the ocean.  

Sober Activities

Inpatient rehab facilities in California offer various sober living activities for both those actively participating in their programs and alumni who have completed treatment. Access to these sober living activities helps those at all stages of their treatment and recovery establish a sense of community with people who share a similar mindset. 

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